Hello Ya’ll!

My name is Marybeth and I am going to be serving up some good ole country family recipes..  I love to cook everything and I love making use of country recipes that are simple and ole so good..

So as I get this place ready you just keep checking back and I guarantee you will not be disappointed so till next time remember country is better.

By Ya’ll

About Me:

Well I grew up on good ole country home cookin an I was taught to cook mainly by my Grandmother watching her fry up  chicken or watching her make her awesome yeast rolls both items tasted so good it would slap your mamma down when you bit into them.

I watched her while she made her homemade Jam Cakes she put so much love into everything she made her Jam Cakes were so good that she would get over a dozen orders for them over the Holidays. She would not use regular jam no sir re bob she had to have the seeded jam she always told me Myrtle that is what she used to call me she would say Myrtle if you are not going to cook it right then do not cook it at all..

Well I took her advice and now no matter what I cook not only does love go into it but so does those famous words she spoke , though she has been gone now for almost 3 years those words still ring true to me.

I have my on family now and it makes me so proud when I make them something they really like and they can not stop saying that meal you cooked was really good or the brag about it to there friends or other family members.

So do yourself a favor love what you do and be good at doing it cause that is the only way it will get done right..

Bye Ya’ll



If you have a recipe you would like to share please feel free to do so,by posting in the reply box.


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